Success Stories: Infertility Testimonials

A Wonderful Pregnancy

AmandaMy husband and I decided we were ready to start a family. We got pregnant right away, but then had a miscarriage. After a few months of trying with no results, we decided I would try acupuncture. I had never tried this before.

Andy Rosenfarb performed some tests and gave me herbs to take. He told me what I needed to do in as far as diet went. Also, I started seeing him for acupuncture treatment twice a week. I was surprised that the acupuncture did not hurt, and was actually very relaxing. I fell asleep almost every time. Dr. Rosenfarb explained what the treatments were supposed to be doing for me and what he was focusing on in my particular case. He made everything clear and easy to understand.

A month after I started seeing him, I got pregnant! I continued to see Dr. Rosenfarb and had no morning sickness or any other negative pregnancy symptoms. I had a wonderful pregnancy and felt great up to the day I delivered. My husband and I welcomed our son Jared addition in February 2007.

I highly recommend that couples trying to conceive see Dr. Rosenfarb. It worked!

Amanda, Age 30

An Added Bonus

KaraMy husband and I had been trying to conceive for almost a year. I was in the process of scheduling fertility testing with my OB, who had not been surprised that we had been having trouble conceiving due to some prior reproductive issues I had experienced. She felt that in vitro was going to be my best option.

I had been seeing Dr. Rosenfarb for an unrelated issue and I had decided to bring up our fertility concerns. I immediately began treatment, and in just six seeks later I was pregnant with my son Grayson, who is now four. Dr. Rosenfarb explained that fertility treatment usually takes three to six months, and I was pleasantly surprised at how fast I responded. My husband and I had been told that there were many factors against us, and that having children would be very difficult. After working with Andy, it seemed as though these “factors and difficulties” had been corrected.

Two years ago we decided to have another child and had absolutely no problems with conception. We now have our second son who is two years old, and we’re almost ready to try for a third child.

Acupuncture has had such a positive impact on my life in so many areas. Just before I began fertility treatments I came to see Dr. Rosenfarb as a last ditch effort to avoid carpal tunnel surgery. I had 100% relief after a few weeks of treatment and five years later have had no reoccurrences. I have experienced so many amazing things here that what stared out as a last ditch effort, is now my first stop!

Delay is not denial

In 2001 I went to Dr. Rosenfarb after trying to conceive unsuccessfully for two years. I consulted with three infertility specialists and was told the same thing – unexplained infertility. It was later determined that my Progesterone levels were too low an so I was placed on hormones. After one month of severe reactions to the hormones I decided to discontinue using them.

A friend introduced me to yoga and told me about a brochures she had read on acupuncture and infertility, and hormone balancing. I met with Andy who was understanding of my plight, and sincere in his efforts to help my husband and I to start a family.

I began acupuncture twice a week and it was recommended that both me and my husband take special Chinese herbs. I noticed an increase in my energy within the first month of treatment. My menstrual cycle was now regular, my depression lifted, and I was sleeping better. After four months of treatment my hormone levels were all normal (without conventional medication). Not only did I feel great but everyone around me began to notice a huge difference in me. Of course, I occasionally struggled with feelings of isolation and the possibility of living a child free life. It can be very difficult at times.

After six months I became anxious and decided to combine acupuncture with conventional fertility treatment. Studies showed that patients who had acupuncture while undergoing fertility treatment did better so I chose to continue.

I found the conventional fertility treatment to not only be expensive, but also invasive and emotionally draining. My mind, body and spirit all felt completely exhausted. I decided to go back to just doing acupuncture and yoga, and the mind-body approach to wellness. After over a year of healing my body and mind, I got pregnant. Through the whole process Andy was supportive, kind, and nonjudgmental. He worked with me and made me comfortable and his optimism kept us from giving up.

My daughter is now 2 years old and we are so blessed to have her in our lives. Every day she reminds me of the importance of being patient and has shined a whole new light on how I view the world, and myself.

I recently came back to see Andy for a very uncomfortable Gall Bladder problem that I was diagnosed with my medical doctor. In four sessions the condition was corrected and I was out of pain.

He’s here!

He’s here!!! I’m so happy to say that all went well with my pregnancy…I had a baby boy! He was born 4 weeks early on 8/11. He was a BIG boy…8 lbs 3 oz!!!

Thank you so much for all the help and support you offered me during those months of infertility – it all seems so far away now! Once I get settled in with the new bundle, I hope to come in to see you for a treatment!!!

Thanks again for EVERYTHING!

The best thing

In 2007 and 36 years old I gave birth to my first child, Michael, with no difficulties in getting pregnant. When he was a year old, my husband and I starting trying for our 2nd child. After trying for a little over a year I finally got pregnant. Unfortunately, my 8 week ultrasound showed there was no heartbeat and I had a D&C. A few months later my doctor ran a few tests and discovered my FSH levels were high which usually means “low ovarian reserve” and “poor egg quality”. I just couldn’t understand this because I was so healthy otherwise! After seeing a specialist and going through more tests they suggested IVF would be the most successful way for me to conceive and wanted me to undergo surgery to remove some scar tissue in my uterus. They said there were still no guarantees but if I didn’t my chances of conceiving on my own would be slim. My gut was telling me this is not what I’m supposed to do.

Then a friend told me about how acupuncture helped her conceive so I made an appointment with Vanessa…and it was the best thing I ever did! After running some blood work, Vanessa said she could help me and that it would take 3-6 months of treatment going twice a week along with taking some herbs. So I did. I’m happy to say that in my 3rd month of treatment I was pregnant! I’m so grateful to have met Vanessa and think how I may STILL be trying and getting frustrated. Thanks Vanessa!

Kim, Age 39

Acupunture has changed my life!


When I discontinued my birth control pills after using them for six years, I began suffering from the following issues:

1). Amenorrhea- Absent menstrual cycles for over 1 year
2). Anxiety
3). Scalp Hair Loss, hair falling out in clumps in the shower
4). Excess facial and body hair
5). Acne
6). Ovarian Cysts

I went to see many different doctors who each told me that I needed to go BACK on Birth Control Pills. Since my husband and I want to begin a family, this did not seem an acceptable option for us. As time went on, my symptoms worsened. We decided to see a reproductive endocrinologist. This “expert” gave me three options: go back on birth control pills, go on Metformin (a drug prescribed for diabetics), or use fertility drugs to get pregnant.

My husband and I were heartbroken because neither one of us were comfortable with any of these options. So we decided to research some natural approaches to treating PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome). This is how we found Vanessa.

From day one, I knew I was in great hands because Vanessa spent more time with me on my first visit than any of the 8 doctors spent with me altogether. She was thorough, professional and EXTREMELY knowledgeable on the subject. Most of all, she was confident she could help me WITHOUT THE USE of MEDICATION.

I started seeing Vanessa 2 times per week. She helped me make some changes to my diet, she took the time to help me understand WHY these changes were necessary, she gave me some vitamins, and within 2 months, she had corrected the majority of my symptoms!!!!

My family and friends are truly amazed at the changes they have seen in me. My cycles have returned, my skin is clear, my hair has grown back and is thicker than it has ever been. I feel better and healthier than I ever have. Looking back, I find it very disheartening that all of these doctors had been so QUICK to prescribe more medication to me. Not one of them ever mentioned making small changes to my diet. Vanessa has helped me understand that it is important to get to the root of the problem instead of trying to put a band aid on multiple symptoms. Acupuncture is an entirely different world of medicine than what many of us are used to. I am so grateful to have found Vanessa. She truly is a Healer! It is without hesitation that I recommend Vanessa to you!

Amanda Tiger

Delay is not denial

My husband and I were trying to conceive for over 18 months, when we decided to seek help from a fertility clinic. I was diagnosed with unexplained infertility. After three failed IUI’s(inter uterine inseminations) it was suggested we move to IVF (invitro fertilization).

After sitting through a class on IVF I decided it was just to much for me to handle at the time; holidays were coming up and my husband and I decided we would go back to the clinic in the new year.

In the mean time I thought I would give Acupuncture a try. I saw Vanessa and explained my situation. She was very comforting and positive, and I left her office the very first day feeling optimistic. Vanessa suggested I start charting my basal body temp. After charting for one month she discussed with me what she thought was causing me to not get pregnant. She suggested I see her twice a week for treatments and drink Chinese herbs. After a month and a half I was pregnant! I have a nine month old beautiful daughter!

Vanessa was always so professional and spoke to me on my level, she always explained things in ways that made great sense, and I will always be grateful to her for helping me make my dream come true of being a mom!


Dream come true

After 8 years of fighting with infertility, my husband and I decided to have one last IVF attempt and if it didn’t work to go for adoption. Although the embryos were very good quality, I didn’t get pregnant after the fresh embryo transfer. We were completely discouraged as we knew that the chances for the frozen embryos that we had were a lot lower that the fresh cycle. The only thing we hadn’t tried was acupuncture, which was offered at some of the IVF centers as an option that could improve the chances of embryo implantation.

We decided to do acupuncture in parallel with the very last frozen embryo transfer. We choose Acupuncture Health Associates in Westfield because they had an infertility specialist, the working days and hours were very convenient, and it was a few minutes away from our home. That is how we met Vanessa Guinet. Vanessa is a very warm and compassionate person, who loves her profession and is constantly taking courses and workshops to develop further her qualification. She scheduled acupuncture sessions and prescribed me Chinese herbs. Vanessa was very accommodative with scheduling the appointments and was ready to come before/after the regular office hours and even on Sundays, if the embryo transfer happened to be done over the weekend.

I went for acupuncture for 2 weeks before the frozen embryo transfer, and continued after it. Vanessa was always there for me, not only professionally, but also emotionally. This time my pregnancy test was positive! I continued going for acupuncture up to the 12th week of the pregnancy. Now we have our baby girl and I can’t describe our joy. We are very grateful to Vanessa for contributing to our dream coming true.

Achieve a healthy pregnancy

I first came to see Vanessa while I was undergoing fertility treatments. Vanessa helped to ease my stress and prepare my body for a healthy pregnancy. She was ALWAYS available to answer questions, and to provide me with information, support and guidance. I now have beautiful twins and feel that Vanessa and my accupuncture treatments were a vital part in helping me achieve and maintain a healthy pregnancy.


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