Acupuncture and Chinese medicine have been used for thousands of years to successfully address infertility by restoring optimal hormonal balance, increasing circulation through the reproductive organs, and creating an overall environment where new life may flourish.

The symptom of Infertility indicates that there is and imbalance somewhere in the body. Once function, circulation, and hormonal balance is restored. Conception may be achieved once the body's overall health is restored.

Difficulties in conceiving or maintaining a pregnancy can indicate a hormonal imbalance, metabolic imbalance and/ or poor circulation. Using Chinese medicine, we can asses the underlying imbalances and detect stress and/or weakness thought the body. A good evaluation by a well trained practitioner allows for a clear understanding of each individual case. A treatment plan is formed around the underlying patterns of imbalance found by the practitioner. In this way it is possible to successfully treat infertility and improve one's overall health.

Acupuncture and Chinese medicine may enhance fertility by:

Females - Also see Female Hormone Panel Saliva Testing

  • Regulating the menstrual cycle
  • Regulating FSH & hormone levels
  • Increasing blood flow to the uterus
  • Improving the function of the ovaries
  • Increase libido
  • Correcting blocked fallopian tubes
  • Enhancing response to IVF
  • Relaxing the mind & body
  • Preventing miscarriage

Males- Also see Male Hormone Panel Saliva Testing

  • Improving sperm count and motility
  • Increasing libido
  • Correcting erectile dysfunction
  • Increase semen quantity

Infertility can be caused a variety of factors including: advanced age, genetic disposition, poor diet, overwork, insufficient rest & exercise, illness, nutritional deficiencies, metabolic imbalances, and high mental/ emotional stress.

Very often, modern conventional medicine cannot find a "medical cause" for infertility. A comprehensive Chinese medical diagnosis can point practitioners to the underlying causes of infertility. Acupuncture and herbal therapies are a safe and effective way of correcting the functional and metabolic causes of infertility without the financial, physical, and emotional angst often associated with conventional fertility treatment.

A Chinese medicine practitioner uses a variety of diagnostic techniques, including a detailed pulse and tongue, evaluation, to determine the root imbalance that is responsible for hampering the reproductive process. Once the pattern of disharmony has been established, a treatment plan is developed along with nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle counseling.

Since each new life relies on his or her parents for health and a strong constitution, we advise our patients to consider their overall health as they begin to consider conceiving a child. Healthy parents make healthy babies!

Targeted Fertility Treatment

Treatment for infertility is usually over a course of 3-6 months. We have had patients get pregnant in as little as 6 weeks and take as long as 2 years. Each person's condition is unique and each person responds differently to treatment.

Our success rate is over 60%. All fertility patients are interviewed prior to treatment to fist see if they are a candidate for treatment, We DO NOT accept all cases for infertility treatment. Our years of experience has allowed us determine whether or not conception will be probable in each case. If we determine that there is a good chance for conception, then you may be accepted into our treatment program.

IVF-Acupuncture Combined Treatment

Combining IVF treatment with acupuncture has shown to dramatically increase the chances for conception. We recommend that treatment begin prior to retrieval and continue through the implantation procedure.

On the day the embryos are implanted, we suggest receiving a special acupuncture procedure before and after implantation. We will make special arrangement around your scheduled appointment. These are the most important acupuncture treatments of the series.

Recommendations to Enhance Your Reproductive Health

  1. Avoid the following:
    • Meals consisting predominantly of starch and sugars - You need at least a small serving of fat & protein
    • Fruit juices & whole fruit in large quantities
    • Polyunsaturated oils (salad dressing, mayo, margarine, vegetable oils), and fried foods.
  2. Eat more eggs, meat, fish, & poultry, not necessarily in large quantity, but more frequently - protein, fat & veggies should be the foundation of your diet. Eat protein at EVERY meal!
  3. Exercise regularly - at least 3 times each week. Needs BOTH aerobic anaerobic activity.
  4. Eliminate stimulants - nicotine, caffeine, refined sugars.
  5. Eliminate use of drugs, and alcohol
  6. Consume more spring & mineral water
  7. Avoid cold or iced foods and beverages
  8. Get enough sleep at night

Fertility Success Stories

My husband and I had been trying to conceive for almost a year. I was in the process of scheduling fertility testing with my OB, who had not been surprised that we had been having trouble conceiving due to some prior reproductive issues I had experienced. She felt that in vitro was going to be my best option. I had been seeing Dr. Rosenfarb for an unrelated issue and I had decided to bring up our fertility concerns.
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