My Search for The “Secret” to Our Holistic Eye Health System 

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Over ten years ago I began traveling the globe and researching various methods of alternative methods for healing the eyes. Initially, I studied and applied holistic energetic treatments including micro acupuncture therapy, general eye nutrition and micro current stimulation, and we got great results. I found that regular maintenance treatments were needed at least every 6 or 12 months (once or twice per year) per year to maintain and/or improve vision.

I spent the last five years probing into the specific bio-chemistry and nutritional deficiencies associated with each patient. My findings were amazing in terms of finding recurrent patterns of nutritional deficiencies that showed up in my patients blood work. These observations lead me to the realization that degenerative eye diseases have systemic metabolic and functional patterns of disharmony. It is these systemic imbalances that underlie the symptoms of failing eye sight.

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Holistic Eye Health System