Naturopathic Services

NAET Allergy Elimination:
An allergic response creates a blockage of normal circulation of energy through the meridians. Failure to remove this blockage can cause deeper problems in the body, called “allergies.” NAET removes the allergens by clearing the nervous system & energy channels.

Children’s Wellness:
Non-drug, holistic treatment for kids with ADD, allergies, immune dysfunction, asthma, digestive concerns, and E.N.T concerns.

Eastern & Western Nutrition: Combining the energetic & thermodynamics of eastern nutrition with the cutting edge, modern strategies of Western nutrition.

Tui Na Structural Massage Therapy: 
Hands-on technique stretches muscles and connective tissue and stimulates lymph & blood circulation. Tui Na helps to relieve acute and chronic structural pain.

A holistic medicine, which takes into consideration the physical, chemical, and emotional spheres of each person, and specializes in individualization. Using remedies to stimulate the vital energy restores health. These remedies derived from natural sources of plants, animals, and minerals.

Chinese Aromatherapy:
Using essential oils to stimulate the olfactory membranes, the molecules will enter the limbic system and through to the lining of the nerve cells. Nerve impulses trigger the olfactory bulb in the brain. Essential oils can help to control the heart rate, blood pressure, respiration, stress response, and hormone balance. Like herbal medicine, the oils are absorbed by the body and regulate Qi and blood flow throughout the body, thus restoring health.

Metabolic Body-Chemistry Analysis & Targeted Nutrition:

Analysis of oxidation/free-radical damage, hydration/dehydration, candida, minerals, vitamin C, Calcium, electrolytes, total sugars, thyroid & adrenal stress/fatigue, sympathetic stress, digestive enzymes, digestive HCl, macronutrient digestion (fat, carb, protein).

Holistic Weight Loss:
Comprehensive weight loss program using acupuncture, auriculotherapy, exercise, nutrition, and BIOMARX metabolic testing. Our program is designed specifically to fit your personal metabolic needs.

Smoke Cessation:
Safe & natural way to kick the smoking habit, with a 98% success rate!

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