Micro Acupuncture™

Holistic Eye Care System

Micro Acupuncture™ is a new procedure involving 48 newly discovered acupuncture points located only in the hands and feet, and not associated with any other acupuncture system. These points were discovered and researched  in Denmark in 1980’s.

More than 5,000 people have been treated with this procedure throughout Europe, and over 10,000 people have benefited from Micro Acupuncture treatment in the US. 80% of the patients treated have had a marked improvement in their vision.

Micro Acupuncture™ is used for a variety of medically diagnosed eye conditions. The most commonly treated conditions include:

Macular Degeneration
Stargardt’s Syndrome
• Retinal Detachment
• Optic Neuritis
• Diabetic Retinopathy
Retinitis Pigmentosa
• Optic Nerve Atrophy
• Cataracts
• Usher’s Syndrome
• Myopia
• Lazy Eye
• Uveitis
• Retinal Occlusion
• Dry Eyes

Dr. Andy Rosenfarb, of New Jersey is one of six practitioners in the world who are performing this procedure, and the only practiioner in the North East area of the United States.

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  • On the first visit, a vision field scan is performed, followed by a report of findings. It is necessary to have a vision test to determine the patient’s current vision. The patient will then receive twelve treatments over a period of 4 days. In addition to acupuncture, micro curernt, light therapy, nutritional supplements, and diety strategies may be recommended.
  • Therapy consists of micor acupuncture poonts in the hands & feet that will be stimulated for a period of 20-30 minutes. The needle do not go in or near the eyes.
  • After twelve treatments a second vision test is conducted and the two test are compared.  At that time it is possible to determine if the treatments are working and if an indivdual is a “responder” or “non-responder.” Once a positive subjective and/or objective change is meassured, treatment will continue until the patient is satisfied or until there is no further improvement in the vision test.
  • The average number of visits varies and is based on the severity of disease, and the length of time it has existed. Most patients begin with a series of thirty treatments. It is expected that the patient will need to return at least one or two times per year in order to maintain optimal vison.  Most eye conditios require mainteneace in order to prevent further vision loss.  These are neuro degneartive conditions that tend to accelerate without healing intervention.
  • For patients who are travleing from out of the area, we suggest to use the time of their stay as efficiently as possible. Patients are encouraged to stay for a 2 week period, for 10 days of treatments.
  • Under the best conditions, a new patient is able to get the first test in the morning of day one- usually a Monday. They will have three treatments during that day, and another three treatments on day 2, 3 and 4. The second visual field test is then made on the morning of the fifth day (usaully Friday). The third visual field test is done again after the conclusion of the initial 2-week session.

New patients must understand that this is not a “miracle cure.” It takes time for some patients to see results where others see improvements right away. Once we recover whatever lost vision we can, the goal is to keep what vision you have left through maintenance.

Degnerative eye conditions need ongoing maineance and will only get worse if negelected. Approximately 80% attained their expectations of improvement. In only 20% of all patients treated, we noted a lack of improvement.

What is Advanced Micro Acupuncture?

Advanced Micro Acupuncture is a comprehensive, holistic system developed by Andy Rosenfarb as a means to promote general eye health. This is a twelve-week intensive program. The first two weeks are to be at our clinic in Westfield, New Jersey – the following ten weeks is an optional home-care program. We recommend that each person get a complete eye exam and blood work done no more three months prior to your arrival date. We then suggest that a follow up examination be scheduled with your eye doctor (optometrist, ophthalmologist, retinologists, etc.), three months from the start date.

The Advanced Micro Acupuncture system addresses the most critical functional processes vital to optimal ocular function:

  1. Proper energy production for normal visual function
  2. Proper nutrition for ocular cell metabolism
  3. Intake of clean water for all cellular functions
  4. Proper detoxification and elimination of ocular toxins.

The cells of the eyes need clean air, clean water and healthy nutrients to maintain normal and healthy function. These are essential for ongoing ocular energy production and detoxification. The metabolic production of Qi-energy can slow down due reduced oxygen and lymphatic drainage. The effects of diminished oxygen to the eyes results in suffocation and starvation of the cells as well as an increase in the accumulation of cellular and intracellular toxins.

Advanced Micro Acupuncture regulates all four aspects required for healthy eye function. Advanced Micro Acupuncture has four components that address the eyes four general health needs:

  1. Micro-Acupuncture – stimulates Qi and Blood flow to the eyes
  2. Auricular Detox – promotes general detoxification and oxygenation of the cells
  3. Functional Analysis & Targeted Nutrition – delivers specific nutrients for healthy eyes
  4. Note: Adjunctive alternative therapies may be utilized including, essential oils, micro current stimulation, eye exercises, etc.

The Advanced Micro Acupuncture System Treatment Process

Is a direct, safe, effective five-step program beginning with a ten-day visit to our Westfield, NJ office and continuing for at least a three month period in the comfort of your own home.