Eyes on the World

Eyes on the World

Patients from Around the World are Seeing, Reading and Viewing their World with Renewed Clarity

Press Release: Westfield, NJ, January 12, 2009Andy Rosenfarb, LAc has been performing acupuncture for over 15 years. He has authored several articles, books and lectured all around the world giving “HOPE” to people losing their eyesight. He has worked with patients that have severe vision loss; whether it is degenerative, due to illness, infections, injury or stroke. Andy has a success rate that averages in the high 80% range.

“HOPE” is HOlistic Procedures for Eyes. It is a fairly simple process where Acupuncture Health Associates incorporates micro acupuncture, micro current stimulation, holistic detox and targeted nutrition and supplements.

Acupuncture has been helping people improve vision for over 2000 years. Micro Acupuncture is a specialty branch of traditional acupuncture, that when applied correctly can have a highly beneficial effect and improve functioning of the eyes. Surprisingly the acupuncture points utilized are no where near the eyes. They are in the hands and feet.

Micro Current Stimulation is the periodic administration of very precise amounts of tightly controlled electrical current through electrodes applied to the skin at specific areas around the eye. In patients with certain visual illnesses the electrical current is used to stimulate the retina as well as the diseased macula in order to help protect sight. The procedure is safe, noninvasive and painless with no side effects. It also re-stimulates and energizes dormant retinal cells. It can also boost the cells’ ability to rid themselves of waste products and increases the blood supply to the area stimulated.

Targeted nutrition and supplementation is tailored to each individual patient. As each health issue is different it reacts differently within each person. In Chinese medicine it is called “Root vs. Branch” If one treats the root they will always affect the leaves and the branch. Functional testing addresses the soil in which the roots rest. If the soil is good and healthy, the root will draw the right nutrients and be healthy. In the same manner, if our body’s “soil” is healthy, we will be free of disease and better prepared to deal with the effects of trauma and stress.

Prior to your visit with us, we recommend that all new patients obtain specific blood work in order for us to fully evaluate their overall health. Supplements and nutritional recommendations are made based on your specific findings.

Detoxification is an effective way to help the body rid itself of metabolic waste, toxins, chemicals, heavy metals and internal pollution. The most common metabolic waste that is associated with macular degeneration is “Drusen.” Drusen is toxins that have been built up and are deposited in the eye. The presence of metabolic waste products deposited in and around the eye leads to progressive degenerative vision loss. Detoxification keeps the pathways clear for food and oxygen to get to the eye as waste are effectively eliminated.

The procedure portion of “HOPE” changes for each patient and illness. The full protocol for each eye issue uncovers the hidden nature of each person’s condition and treats the specific imbalances. Most patients not only reap the benefits of better eye sight they are also realizing other significant health benefits as well.

“We have been so successful with this approach that we have patients coming from all around the world -and as far away as China and Japan” said Rosenfarb. “We feel honored to have patients from the Orient since that is where this type of treatment originated” he added.