Acupuncture needlesAcupuncture & Chinese herbal medicine are on of the earliest practicing systems of medicine; they are both part of the complete and comprehensive system of Chinese Medicine. Acupuncture has emerged from over 2300 years of empirical study and observation of the dynamics of Qi or “Life Force.”

Acupuncture works by adjusting and regulating the Qi, which flows through your body’s twelve major pathways or “meridians.” Many of these meridians are internally connected with specific organs such as your Lung, Heart, Kidney, and Stomach. Along these meridians lie specific, energetic acupuncture points having a specific, traditional function.
Acupuncture TreatmentWhen the Qi becomes blocked and ceases to flow smoothly through your meridians, pain, illness, and dysfunction will manifest. Acupuncture needles are so thin that you can fit eight of them into the head of a hypodermic needle. These hair-thin, acupuncture needles are inserted into acupuncture points, promoting and even flow of energy through the meridians of your body. By promoting your QI to flow through the congested meridians involved, the body can carry out its proper function of maintaining a healthy, balanced state of being. Thus, pain and discomfort will diminish, and you can return to a more enjoyable lifestyle.

From a Western medical standpoint, there are over 2000 conditions that acupuncture can treat. The effects of acupuncture have been clinically shown to increase oxygen and blood flow, in order to speed up healing. Also, the hormonal system can be directly stimulated, which can aid in the repair of your body’s cells. The effectiveness of pain control is brought about by a release of your body’s natural pain killers & tranquilizers: endorphin, serotonin, and melatonin.

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